7 best apps to watch live football matches!

Looking for the best apps to watch live football games for free on your Android or iOS mobile device? You are in the right place!

Below we separate an article with the 7 best free football streaming apps, which will allow you to watch all football matches live on your mobile device at no cost.

List of best free apps to stream live football matches in 2022

With the help of these apps, you can stream live matches from English Premier League, La Liga, Italian Seria A, League 1, German Bundesliga, Community Shield and Australian League on your Android devices. On these apps, you can also watch the entire FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

The cool part about these apps is that you can watch in low quality up to 244p which will only cost you around 300Mb of data for 90 minutes of streaming a football game on your smartphone.

Also, you can watch your favorite football team in high quality on Full HD 1080p or even 720p HD channels.

Most applications employ the latest Live Streaming Encoder to make their streams compatible with the latest protocols such as:

  • Live HTTP Stream (HLS)
  • Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP)
  • WebRTC
  • Secure and Reliable Protocol (SRT)
  • RTP stands for Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)
  • HTTP-based dynamic adaptive streaming
  • Video formats support streaming MP4, MKV, MPEG and AVI files.

Bonus features of some apps include the new Free Live Stream Football “4K HEVC” format, which provides superior Ultra HD streaming picture quality while consuming less data.

7 best apps to watch live football matches in 2022

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1 – Yacine TV:

Yacine Tv has always been the top Android application for free live football streaming.

The application enables streaming of all major channels, such as Bein Sports, Sky Sports, BT Sports, Super Sports, Sky Sports Premier League, Astro Sports, and Euro Sports.

Thus, you may watch live football streaming on your mobile device without suffering any latency or buffering.

The primary advantages of this yacineTV app are its small weight and frequent content updates.

This indicates that developers add additional Streaming Servers to the application so that it functions without buffering even during load periods.

Using the Yacine TV app, I can effortlessly stream my favorite shows BBC Football Gossip and FantasyFootball Scout. This is why I enjoy using this software.

2 – MobiKora:

This is my preferred Android app for watching live football matches.

MobiKora functions identically to an IPTV application, with over 200+ live sports tv channel connections accessible to view your preferred events without difficulty.

Since it has several channels, you may watch your favorite game with Arabic, Spanish, or any other language commentary.

MobiKora TV offers all of the best football streaming channels and is free of advertisements and pop-ups, making it superior to any online browser streaming.

3 – Live Maroc TV:

2022 will see the release of the free football streaming app Maroc TV from Morocco.

Streaming matches in Full HD or even 720p is possible without any buffering or stuttering.

This live Football TV App focuses mostly on Arabic Channels, however it also includes the following English Commentary channels:

  • Astro Athletics
  • Premier Sports
  • BBC Sport
  • Sky Sports
  • Bein HD English

and several others from North America.

4 – Le Deportes TV:

This software is one of the greatest Live football streaming applications available for Android smartphones, based on my experience with it on my shoppingmode Samsung phone.

Le Deportes TV focuses mostly on American Football networks, however there are several EU and Asian sports stations that show Live Football Matches.

The finest feature is a low-resolution 244p streaming option that reduces buffering concerns and uses only 300MB of bandwidth to broadcast 90 minutes of a football game.

However, if you are in an area with free WiFi, you may still stream in 1080p Full HD and watch live matches of your favorite teams.

The majority of the app’s Thursday Night Football live stream apk users are located in North America.

The majority of the time, however, the servers function well and permit buffer-free streaming of soccer events.

5 – Lepto Athletics:

Lepto Sports has nearly all of the channels required to cover any football tournament in the world.

The Live Football Matches streaming option has increased the number of Spanish-speaking users of the app.

I have never noticed any form of lag or buffering during high-traffic matches such as el Classico from LaLiga or the renowned Premier League Derby.

Therefore, I approve this application in fifth place. Here are the specifics of this Lepto Sports application.

Even if traffic is heavy during college football season, you may still watch live soccer matches uninterrupted.

6 – App NavixSport:

Next on the list is NavixSports, one of my favorite Football Stream Android applications. Although the webpage covers American Football.

However, it still has several stations that show live football games on various networks. The list comprises

  • Bein Sports
  • Sky Sports
  • ESPN Sports
  • Premier League Channels
  • BBC Sport
  • The BBC Football Show

in addition to several more stations that will broadcast the 2022 FIFA World Cup in shopping mode.

7 – TVMob App:

TVMob may also be included in the list of the top apps for free live football streaming. It contains all the elements that football enthusiasts desire in a football streaming application. This comprises

  • Regular Updates
  • Compatible Notification
  • TV Guide Updated

Various Stream Formats, such as HLS (.m3u8) and MPEGTS (.ts).

The TVMob app also provides external Player streaming choices, allowing you to view your favorite Sports stations using your preferred media player, such as VLC Player or MX Player.


Since I have enjoyed searching for free Football Streaming Apps for Android, I have evaluated and tried over 50 Football Streaming Apps and compiled a list of the 23 best Live Football Match Watching Apps.

I ensured that these Football Streaming applications are compatible with several devices so that you may download them on your Android Smart TV, Firestick, Roku, or even your Android Car Player.

I hope you like this list of applications; I will be updating it frequently.