7 best apps to watch football matches online – Here’s how to download

Looking for the best apps to watch football for free so you never miss crucial games?

Read this post to learn about many high-quality Android and iOS live streaming programs.

Nothing is more exhilarating and entertaining for a die-hard football fan than watching live games.

Thanks to the prevalence of smartphones, this fantasy has become a reality, since you no longer need to miss the live action regardless of whether you’re at work, in a traffic jam, or anyplace else.

All you need is a decent live football TV application on your mobile device with internet access to watch your favorite football club or players play live.

We have compiled a list of the top effective football streaming apps of 2022 to make your decision simpler.

This section will analyze the top eight football streaming apps for Android and iOS, as well as their key features. Read the article to determine the best software for your needs.

Best Applications For watch Football live

The following are the top mobile applications for live streaming of sports events:

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DSTV now Software:

The only difference is that the DStv now phone application performs the same purpose as your home decoder.

This means that if you have the DStv now application on your mobile device, you will have full access to all the programming and channels available on your DStv at home.

Therefore, you will not miss a football game if you are unable to make it home in time to watch it in your living room.

Best iPhone app to watch live sports for free

You only need to download the Dstv application and link it to your Dstv decoder at home in order to enjoy this DStv application perk.

If your membership is still current, you can stream any match of your choosing from the supersport channels on the application, provided your subscription is ongoing.

The DStv application looks to be the greatest live football streaming application in Africa given that it is flawless.

There are no advertisements or interrupted streaming in this application, and the video quality is comparable to that of a television broadcast.

Therefore, there is no difference between streaming a Match on your phone with the DStv application and viewing the match on your television with your DStv decoder.

This DStv program is my favorite football streaming application, and I am confident that you will also appreciate it if you give it a shot.

CBS Sports:

CBS Sports is the official sports application of the American commercial television network CBS.

The CBS sports application provides round-the-clock access to football-related news, highlights, game results, breaking news, and live match streaming.

CBS Application is an excellent streaming app. It is also well-known that other live television channels broadcast CBS sports.

Fubotv, Hulu+ Live tv, and YouTube TV are Live TV services that provide CBS sports coverage.


ESPN, which stands for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network, is a widely recognized sports brand.

ESPN provides two 24-hour sports channels and an application that allows users to access many live events, including football, with high-quality footage.

The ESPN Application’s stream quality makes it one of the best streaming applications. But it is not free for the value it provides, as you must pay a subscription fee to stream all live football games on your ESPN TV Application.

Live Football Tv:

Live Football Tv is a famous Android football streaming application.

Before I started using my DStv now application, I used this application to stream football games on my mobile phone.

Live football is an excellent streaming program that you will appreciate since it provides high-quality footage and commentary in two or more languages, and it is free.

Access to Live Football TV requires neither payment of any sort nor a membership.

The only disadvantage of this application is that advertisements constantly appear, which may be annoying to users, especially considering that you cannot disable these advertisements.

Yacine TV:

Yacine TV is an Arabic television application that provides access to worldwide networks and the live streaming of any football game of your choosing.

This application is an excellently robust application that is straightforward and provides outstanding video quality.

Similar to the Live Football Tv application, users encounter the issue of annoying advertisements.

Moko TV:

Moko TV is a free football streaming application for Android mobile devices.

It offers a straightforward and intuitive UI, excellent video quality, and is compatible with all Android phones running Android 5.0 or later.

Live Soccer:

Live Football is yet another excellent football streaming app.

It is similar in name to Live football but has different features; however, it serves the same purpose of providing free access to football streams.

Thus, the Live Football Application is free and only 16 MB in size when downloaded from the Google Play Store.

This application consumes remarkably little data compared to other football streaming applications, and it provides live football matches and commentary in HD quality, allowing you to enjoy the game on your mobile device.

Football Streaming Application

Through the Best Football Streaming App for your smartphones, you can catch up on all the latest trends.

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Some of the listed applications are free; if any application requests a credit card, exit the app immediately.

I hope this article helps you choose the best football streaming app for your mobile device.

Please indicate in the comment section which application you are using to watch all live matches on your smartphones.

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