7 amazing applications that will change the way you use your phone

There are millions of applications available in the Google Play Store, ranging from games to productivity tools to customization options.

Even better, there are applications that will radically transform your Android experience. Some improve the user interface, while others automate typical chores, while others improve popular elements of the operating system.

Let’s examine some of the most incredible Android applications.

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Lynket Browser

Social networking is an excellent tool for discovering fascinating items on the web, but it is not always practical to read them immediately. Sometimes it’s best to save many articles and return to them later.

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This is possible using Lynket Browser. The web sites are opened in the background. You may access it at any time by touching floating bubbles onscreen. It is basic but quite beneficial. The application is compatible with the user’s default browser and may speed up surfing by automatically loading AMP versions of the links that are clicked.

Another fantastic feature of the Lynket Browser is the ability to read sites in Article mode, which loads a reader mode with a streamlined appearance and no extraneous content.

Even though the software hasn’t been updated in a while, it still fulfills its promises.

The finest Android widgets are quite helpful, but if you use too many of them, your home screens will get cluttered and your phone will run more slowly.

Popup Widget 3 reconsiders how they function. It converts each chosen widget to a 1×1 icon on the home screen. When you touch one, it will open to reveal its contents. The app provides the ease and quickness of widgets without sacrificing performance; you don’t need to start the whole program to see your latest tweets or check the weather.


Notepin performs a function so straightforward that you’ll wonder why it’s not already included into Android. Simply said, it enables you to compose notes and then pin them as reminders to your notification panel.

While the app is not too complicated, you can organize your notes by priority or date, and they are color-coordinated, which looks excellent. Once pinned, your notes will remain on your notifications panel until you remove the pin.

Notepin is undoubtedly one of the best applications for Android users who value efficiency and organization, despite its lack of innovation.


Numerous of the best Android applications relieve you of the monotony of routine duties by doing them automatically.

MacroDroid is comparable to the well-known Android automation application Tasker. The learning curve for utilizing Tasker efficiently for more complicated activities is quite high, while MacroDroid can be installed and used immediately.

You are required to define as few as two parameters for the application, namely an action that will be triggered by a trigger. Consequently, plugging in headphones might be the trigger, with the accompanying actions being the automated activation of the Spotify app and volume adjustment.

Or, you may make your phone automatically go to Airplane mode at night (the trigger). You might even instruct it to read out your text messages while your phone is docked in your vehicle.

You may add extra restrictions to fine-tune the execution circumstances of your macro. This adds even more power to the application, and your macros may be as basic or complicated as you want.


While MacroDroid is ideal for device-based automation, IFTTT provides the same functionality for web services. The official IFTTT app for Android allows you to build applets that link two internet-based services or devices.

The options are almost infinite. You can automate your phone in a variety of ways using IFTTT, like tweeting automatically, receiving SMS alerts for your Google Calendar appointments, and receiving price decrease alerts for things you’re interested in. Additionally, you may utilize it to control your smart gadgets.

Once it is operational, you will wonder how you ever managed without it. IFTTT is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing applications available on the Play Store.

Quick Cursor

Have difficulty using your phone with one hand? It’s hardly surprising, considering screen sizes continue to increase with each new gadget generation. However, Quick Cursor offers an inventive solution to the issue.

The application inserts a cursor on your screen that you control with your thumb, allowing you to interact with buttons and other UI elements. The innovative part is that you just need to drag your thumb over the bottom third of the screen for the pointer to reach the top of the display. Simply align it with a button and tap, it’s that easy.

Quick Cursor is dependent on your phone’s accessibility capabilities and requires some very extensive permissions, so it may not be suitable for everyone. However, it is a fantastic app for one-handed operation.


While WhatsApp Web allows you to send WhatsApp messages from your computer, SMS Text Messaging from MightyText becomes a vital program if you prefer SMS.

It synchronizes with your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer through a browser extension and gives you complete access to your SMS messages on a larger display. You may read, respond to, and compose new messages, as well as see alerts from all of your other applications. Even phone calls can be made, so you will seldom need to pick up your phone again.

The free version has a monthly sending restriction, so heavy users may want to investigate an other solution. Similar applications are available that allow you to text from your computer.