10 Apps Everyone Should Have In the Phone

The app market is inundated with over 2 million apps, and new ones are constantly being introduced.

We are all aware with well-known alternatives such as Facebook and Google Maps, but there are also other useless applications.

What about obscure applications that bring genuine benefit, though? There are a variety of unexpected possibilities available, and we’ve hand-selected 10 of the more noteworthy ones for your convenience.

Top 10 Apps Everyone Should Have In the Phone


Is it not bothersome when individuals upload videos that were recorded with their iPhones held in a vertical position? This diminishes the size of the image significantly.

This is the app for you if you frequently forget to hold your smartphone upright when filming a video.

Regardless of how the phone is held, the video is captured in landscape, or horizontal, format.

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Sleep Cycle Power Nap

Not every nap is made equal. According to research, a brief, rapid nap – or power nap – is significantly more rejuvenating than a lengthy midday nap.

This application helps you avoid oversleeping by playing a mild alarm at the proper moment.

Conveniently, it also contains a recovery nap mode and a single sleep cycle mode that allows you to complete one whole sleep cycle without waking up during REM sleep.


Today, it is simple to prevent spam from entering your email inbox. However, what about the physical junk mail that fills your mailbox? There is now an application for that!

With PaperKarma, you just photograph any unsolicited mail you get.

As long as it is directed directly to you, the app will contact the sender to be removed off their mailing list. The best thing is that it genuinely works.

Nu Skin TR90

If you want to control your weight better this is the app for you. But not only helps you track of your waistline, it enables you watch your food intake and record your exercise activities too.

To remain as active and healthy as possible, you may track your most critical health-related actions in one fell swoop.

Sleep Talk Recorder

Ever been told you talk in your sleep? Not persuaded? Give this great software a whirl.

It simply activates when sound is detected, so there is no need to replay a whole night’s recording.

You may likely be astonished and startled by the things you say when you’re sound sleeping.

Action Film Effects

This program allows you to apply stunning special effects to your videos while they are being recorded.

From missile attacks to automobile collisions, it enables you quickly and simply add a bit more excitement to any video you take with your smartphone.

You may download a vast assortment of additional effects for a nominal cost.


Stop scribbling your to-do lists into paper. With Any.Do, everything you need to do is displayed on the screen.

In fact, its “Moment” function displays at a glance the tasks that must be completed in the near future.

Using this application, you may finally eliminate the nagging sense that you’re forgetting something vital.


There is nothing worse than missing an important scene in a movie because you had to visit the restroom.

Thanks to RunPee, you no longer have to be concerned about this. Simply activate the app as the film begins, tell it which film you’re viewing, and it will notify you of the ideal moments to leave.


Using this app, you can make free share payments with virtually anyone. You can also receive payment requests from virtually anyone.

This app is certain to quickly become one of your favorites due to its speed and simplicity.

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Walk Up Alarm Clock

Weary of oversleeping from repeatedly pressing the snooze button? This application will alter your life.

The alarm will continue to sound until you have taken at least 10 steps.

You can adjust the number of steps up to 100, so it will work regardless of how deeply you sleep.